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And you thought you were odd...

The mysterious meanderings of a multiple

27 January 1984
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We are 22 and live in India with our husband Andrew and our partner Jenni. We have 2 stepdaughters, Vanessa and Anastasia. We have no living children of our own, we do have 6 angels. We are currently doing the housewife thing but we also do a bit of freelance writing and webdesign and are working on our bachelor's degree. We travel heaps. We were born in America, Call Australia home, and live in India temporarily for Andrew's work. We have no brothers or sisters but lots of cousins who we kinda think of in the same way. Andrew has 4 sisters who we think of as our sisters now too and Jenni has a brother who we really want to get closer to.

In case you are wondering about all the "we's" its because we are the Everlasting Gobstoppers (Gobbies for short), a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or multiple, system.

This journal is for anyone inside to post, so, there will likely be quite a variety. Also, most stuff here will probably also end up in our website.

We'll also be using it as a place to keep us organized and such with lists and things so, feel free to ignore those :)